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TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/30/10 01:46 PM

Would any of the clubs be interested if we have certificates made up for the club hunts that the clubs could buy instead of buying trophies?

The clubs would still need to buy trophies if they were having a State hunt or bigger hunt.

The certificates would be 1st-10th for Open, Champion & Grands and Bench Show for a total of 39 certificates in a pack. Cost would possibly be around $30.00.

Just checking to see if it would be worth the printing.

Posted by: Roy Pasmore

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/30/10 05:01 PM

Joyce tick ridge beagle club of ohio would be interested.
Posted by: Dennis McCaig

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/30/10 09:44 PM

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Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/31/10 03:00 AM

South Arkansas Beagle Club would also.
Posted by: ccsnuffer1

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/31/10 01:20 PM

I will bring it up at our next meeting but sounds good to me! It would be money in the bank for us. Good Ol Boys Beagle Club
Posted by: K Daniels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 12/31/10 01:25 PM

Good idea to help cut down on cost! Could you show a sample one to see what they would look like? I'm sure several clubs would be interested!
Posted by: scott legue

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/01/11 01:08 AM

wow I know times are getting hard but when I first started running in pp when you won a hunt you used to get a 50 pound bag of dog food and a big nice trophy at tabc. with gas over 3 dollars gal and now all you get at most clubs is a piece of papper like you are talking about. If a club cant afford it I understand but they should give alot more back to the beaglers than that.
Posted by: dixie kennels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/01/11 04:10 AM

i agree with scott
Posted by: Roy Pasmore

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/01/11 04:37 PM

If you have about 15 dogs in A club hunt. and you pay judges 15.00 bucks.settle up with NKC pay the expences of your buildings use. now buy trophys with rest. You or lucky to break even. I ran back when there was nice trophys and dog food ETC gave away.There was all so 30 or 40 dogs showing up far the hunts. For some of these small clubs to survive they will have to use what ever means available .
Posted by: scott legue

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/01/11 07:25 PM

I understand what your saying roy but when someone goes to a trial and wins and if he drives 3 hours and pays his entery by the time he gets done with that trip it had costed him alot of money I know its just a hobby but at least the clubs are maybe breaking even we are really spending alot of money on this and some clubs are doing good and still giveing away nothing but a piece of papper. Maybe the NKC shouldnt take so much from the clubs.
Posted by: earl@paintcreek kennels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/04/11 01:35 AM

Scott its up to the clubs to give out what they want and nkc to take as much as they feel fit. Last time I checked, the titles that our hounds earned was on a piece of paper.
Posted by: earl@paintcreek kennels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/04/11 04:25 AM

Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
Posted by: windy creek kennels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/04/11 08:36 PM

picture this guys i own two bussiness and if i made this i would be out of bussiness 20 open entries 10 camps at $15.00 = 450.00 - $60.00 N.K.C. - $30.00 A.R.H.A. 8 rounds paid to judges at $15.00 per round = $120.00 trophies = $175.00 - $100.00 hall rental total $485.00 profit $450.00 expence $485.00 we lost 35.00 just some food for thought
Posted by: Beagler282

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/04/11 10:30 PM

One thing the clubs in GA do is if a person brings 5 trophies they get a free entry in the field.If enuff people do this a few times all you need to do is buy plates.Just something we do here that helps get rid of unwanted trophies and helps the clubs with expenses.Most of us that run for HOY or have been doing this for some time could care less about a trophy.We let the clubs keep them to help them out.Have the club members get together and yall figure something out that will help the club and make everyone happy.I do like the idea of the certificates.
Posted by: Beagle Bum

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/06/11 03:23 PM

I like the idea of cetificates. While our club is keeping its heads above water, it's getting harder to do. We can expect to see a drop in attendance due to the increased price of gas (and almost everything else except income). We recently increased our entry fees from $10.00 to $15.00 due to the cost of holding hunts. Good point Clarrys! As Ray said above, trading trophies for entries has helped a lot but the difference in price between trophies and certificates is significant. We would still be required to give trophies at State and higher hunts but it would save a bundle on Club hunts. I'm all for it and I'm sure this will be a topic of discussion at our next meeting. Good idea Joyce.
Posted by: james davis

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/06/11 05:27 PM

Another idea could be to give out trophies to the top 5 in each class, and certificates to the next 5. Or give out trophies to the top 3 in each class, and certificates to the next 7. And give trophies for the B.O.S in each class, and certificates to the best male, female, pup, as well as certificate to the second best male, female, and pup in each class.
Then you are still helping to cut cost; as well as giving opportunity for trophies to be given out at club hunts, and for newbies, as well as old timers alike to get a piece of hardware from time to time.
You could even do this for half the hunts during the year, and certificates the other half. You still help cut cost, as well as offer hardware.
Plus the other suggestions that have been mentioned, as well as those not yet mentioned.

James Davis
Yellow Mt. Kennels
Posted by: fbeavers

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/06/11 06:03 PM

I dont think it would go over too well at our club.

Most people seem to want a trophy instead of a certificate.
Posted by: tinymwoods

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/09/11 05:28 AM

Maybe a trophy for first place in each class, then certificates?

We found a guy that makes wooden plaques for us for about $50. They are simple but nice. Maybe we do things different, but being strapped for cash, here is what we do.
Entry - usually 20 @ $15.00 = $300
NKC Fees - $70.00
Meeting Hall Fee - $25.00
Judging paid entry fee for 1 dog (most do not take it) - $45.00
Plaques - $50.00 (again not always, most don't take them and only have to buy 2 or 3)
State Hunt Permit - $25.00

On a small hunt, this will leave us $80.00 profit for the hunt. We have 5 hunts a year, and usually average closer to 25 dogs per hunt and usually no judge fees. Most judges understand times are tough and will donate that back to help the club, I know I always do, no matter what club. But at 20 dogs per hunt we clear about $400 a year on the hunts. Subtract the $250 sent to ARHA at year's end, and we can bank at least $150. We also do a kitchen where we sell breakfast and lunch and usually clear close to $50 a hunt there. Our club also has a raffle that we do once a year for a gun or other hunting item. We sell $1,000 in tickets for a $350 gun. That's $250 for the kitchen for the year and about $600 for the raffle (not done in association with a hunt, more a community thing. That gives us over $1,000 a year to pay land leases and fund dinners for club members and give club awards for dog and handler of the year, and still put a little back. I know this may not work everywhere, but it does good for us.
Best of luck!
Posted by: clydesdale

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/11/11 01:36 PM

I like the trophy but I could do without them. The problem I have with the certificate idea is the kids. I know my kid loves to get the trophy. After he gets a trophy that is all you hear about for a week. He carries the thing around for a couple of days. If we want to keep the kids interested we have to keep them in mind. Something that don't mean much to us means a lot to the kids. I can understand it if the club is having a hard time financially, but to just cut back to minimize expenses I believe is a mistake.
Posted by: leo simmons

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/17/11 06:29 PM

James the rules says 5 awards in opens 2 in champs 2 in grands yours in beagleing leo

God bless you and yours
Posted by: james davis

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/18/11 05:03 PM

I was just giving another option to those clubs that still like to award more than the top 5,2,2. Some food for thought that might help ease the cost, and still award more than the minimum.

James Davis
Yellow Mt. Kennels
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Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 04/10/11 04:02 PM

Hello everyone.
Posted by: Donny Siegel

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/19/11 04:45 PM

I agree the kids do need somthing more then a piece of paper....they are the future of are sport so let's keep them in it to the end ...I have a 10 year old kid that placed in a locol hunt for the first time and got nothing but a paper ....thank god for a good friend of mine Scott stopped over and give her one of his old trophies the look on her face was I guess what I'm trying to say is let's get the kids somthing more then paper......

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/20/11 12:35 AM

The clubs have to give what they can afford. You gotta look at the attendance at the hunts and some clubs cant afford to give trophies. I think the clubs have to do what they can to keep going. Like I said before, last time I checked the dogs titles are printed on paper.
Posted by: Donny Siegel

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/20/11 11:47 PM

Earl.... I don't care if they give me paper or write it in chalk .but to a kid its a big deal and one more thing if there is two hunts and one is giving paper out and the other is giveing trophies guess were the kid and me are going.....good luck with the attendance!!!!!!!

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/21/11 10:06 PM

Donny.......I would love to give kids trophies instead of paper but Hardins Creek Beagle Club does not have the funds to buy trophies for hunts at the present time.....Good luck with the trophies !!!!!!!!
Posted by: Buckeye Blues

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/22/11 01:26 PM

What's wrong with rosettes like the AKC gives out? Kids like them too.
We only give out a trophy to the winner of each class. 13" & 15" males and 13" & 15" females.
If trophys are too much money why not look at medals? The kids could actually pin them on their coats and tell people about it all day long.
Believe me what you get for placing does make a difference where kids are concerned. We had a derby trial where a guy brought his kid and their dog won it. At the time we were only giving out collars for derby trials. This guy pitched a b*&%# and we listened. He told us his son didnt wear collars, but a ribbon he could have shown his buddies would have been nice. We got ribbons purchased for the next 2 derby trials!
There are plenty of ways to make money as was mentioned earlier. If you are relying on your hunts to keep your head above water you are not working hard enough. Our club has 50/50 drawings, dog food raffles, turkey shoots, and gun raffles. We occasionally sell timber, and recently we have had a metal scrapper come in and clear out 70 - 100 years worth of junk piles. He is splitting it with us. 60% for him. 40% for us.

In the end of things $30.00 to have someone print off a few pieces of paper is way more cost ineffective than spending more dollars for ribbons and trophies to keep people coming back to your trials.
Posted by: Donny Siegel

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/22/11 07:26 PM

Earl let's go run dogs ....

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 06/22/11 09:10 PM

Donny any night you want.Hell here's my number 740.253.2026.
Posted by: scott bachman

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 07/10/11 08:22 PM

I was just curious how u guys did runnin dogs earl and donny, and how u convinced donny to get off the couch, must've gave him him a trophy
Posted by: 53 Dogs

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 09/04/11 09:37 PM

Give me a $3.00 Rosette. Not a piece of paper.
Posted by: Spini Boys

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 09/05/11 01:36 PM

I just ordered the nice rosets from Stineman awards. These are the same ones given at AKC trials, only they have a hound in the middle instead of the AKC emblem. They only cost 1.80 a piece. I have a child that has been running for a few years and he loves the big roset. He likes trophies to, but the plaques and rosets can hang on the wall. The rosets for our upcoming two day Gundog Pack trial only cost $97.00 total for both days (about $50.00 a day).
Posted by: tdog

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 02/11/12 03:06 AM

ARHA should just sell rosette's at a resonable price to give out at regular hunts. 20 dollars entry fee and only get a piece of paper (please).. The club should also pitch in a bag of dog food for the winner.. Still affordable but will keep people coming back.. I am glad there are many different formats and would like to see them all continue.. Please make some affordable improvements to the awards..
Couch Potato Beagles
Posted by: dixie kennels

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 10/07/12 11:08 AM

Any club want a bunch of trophies to recicle? If you do call me at this number 859 -394-4384. I will send them with Martha to the E.M.C
Posted by: David Hayden

Re: TROPHIES FOR CLUB HUNTS?? - 01/29/13 07:25 PM

I make all our plackes so all we have to buy is plates.
I donate the wood and do all the work myself.the judges donate their time.Sometimes get dog food.And we only get 12.00 entry fee. 6.00 for bench. 3 hunts about 20+ dogs per hunt a year and or bank acct. is growing.We allways have something for the kids.The kids will bring their dads back again.