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I have had some calls concernning the ruling on the use of training collars due to the hunts upcoming this weekend. The official rule is as follows:


Training and tracking callars ARE allowed in the field. Training collars that have the ability to be controlled by cell phones are NOT allowed. If training collars are used, all the transmitters must be placed in a bag and held by a pre-appointed handler who will carry them in the field. Handlers ARE permitted to carry the receiver for tracking collars in the field. Combination tracking and training collars are permitted and treated just like a training collar. If a handler intends to use a training collar, he must present it to the field judge for inspection at the casting pole prior to putting it on his hound and give the transmitter to be placed in the designated bag to be held by the pre-appointed handler. Likewise, tracking only collars are to be presented to the field judge prior to the cast and approved. Training collars are only allowed to be used in one of the three following instances:
1. The judge anounces the cast has ended at the conclusion of the cast.
2. The judge announces that a hound has been disqualified for any reason, that hound's handler may request the training device and use it for training purposes.
3. In the instance the judge calls a timeout, training devices may be used only at the judges discretion.

NOTE: We are aware that there are combination tracking/training units that may be modified by removing the traing pods from the collar. These units such as, or similar to (Garmin Alpha-TT15) are allowed to be modified to tracking only. However, the Alpha device must still be placed in the cast bag as the unit still has the tone function. If a handler wants to use the collars such as TT15 for tracking only without the Alpha device, but with the ASTRO 320 device, this would be allowed. When the collar is installed into the ASTRO 320 with the training pods removed this unit becomes track only without any tone feature through the ASTRO 320.

I want to thank the Rules Committee:
Chairman- James Davis
Members- Donny Sparks, Mike Marshall and Armand Lombardi for their endless effort and attention to all of our rules.

Also I want to thank Mrs. Joyce for getting our rules together and supporting us in our effort to move the Progressive Pack forward.
Please keep Mrs. Joyce and her husband in our prayers as he has had surgery. I spoke with her today and he is doing much better, but he will have a road of recovery ahead of him.

Thank You for your patience and keep those paws pounding!!!

Brint Sparks
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Re: USE OF TRAINING COLLARS/DEVICES!!!!!! - 01/03/15 01:08 AM

Thank you a lot for your effort and post!!!
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Does the TT10 fall under this category also ?