Willie Welch

Posted by: JOYCE

Willie Welch - 10/18/11 07:48 PM

Attention NKC/ARHA,

I would like to take this time to apologize to the NKC organization for a recent post that was made on the ARHA web page by me. I regret any untrue statements that I made that may have cast a negative light on the NKC/ARHA organization. Subsequently at this time I would like to retract the entire post. I look to a continued relationship with the NKC organization.

Thank you for your time,
William P Welch
Posted by: ROWCO

Re: Willie Welch - 10/19/11 07:21 PM

Willie, looking forward to meeting up and going to the Grand National. Johnny says he is not sure he can handle you and me. OK so we will drop him off somewhere, what do you think? Let's have a good time - I for one need it! Bobby