Wier Creek male for stud

Posted by: Anth

Wier Creek male for stud - 11/18/08 06:22 PM

I am looking for a Weir creek male to stud to my bitch. I want one that is producing 13 inch, true medium speed dogs with and close to Chuck Willie or Boggy Holler Budget as possible preferrably within 5 or 6 hours from eastern KY. I would like for him have as much of the old EC bllod as possible. email me at ky_rabbit_hunter@yahoo.com or call 606 673 3930 or im me your number, I will call you back, using this servers messaging system. I need to breed no later than 11-25-08
Posted by: BlackHandBeagles

Re: Wier Creek male for stud - 11/18/08 08:30 PM

Here is Scot Ferguson's dog and from what I hear he is a nice medium speed hound.

Pon Run A Train
Cotton Country Blue Eagle
Jazz Town Flirt
Appalachian Mtn Bluesman
Thoms Wildwood Rose Stem
Appalachian Mtn Nellie
Hilltop Stubby Rose

Pedigree Created For: Appalachian Mtn Bluesman
Information Supplied By: Scot Ferguson
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Posted by: Bradley Rhodes

Re: Wier Creek male for stud - 11/18/08 10:59 PM

I owned this dog before Scott and can assure you he throws some great pups. The first time he was breed he produced the 2nd place dog in the US chamhpionship.If I still had dogs he would be here still and if I were going to get back into beagling tomorrow I would try to buy Bluesman tonight.
Posted by: Crane Creek

Re: Wier Creek male for stud - 11/19/08 01:10 AM

Thanks for the compliments guys. Bluesman is doing great and living it up. He has thrown some excellent liters in the past year. I have several hounds out of him at different ages and would be proud to show them to anyone at any time. He generally throws what his pedigree says he should. Hard hunt, Line control, and good mouth. I do not offer him at public stud, but will breed him to select females when people contact me. Anth, give me a call and tell me about your female, I am sure we can work something out. Scot (513) 535-4547
Posted by: Ohio Tru-Line

Re: Wier Creek male for stud - 11/19/08 02:13 PM

I have a really nice young female out of bluesman, she looks to have the potential to be an out standing hound. I have seen one of her littermates run at a young age and was very impressive
Posted by: Matt Duby

Re: Wier Creek male for stud - 11/21/08 10:44 AM

William Webster from Tennessee also has some very nice weir creek dogs. Medium speed,super hunt with Boggy Holler Budget very close.