Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a great and Happy New Year from the NKC. I just wanted to share some news with the ARHA family. First of all we have not sold nor are we selling the ARHA/NKC. The ARHA/NKC has been a blessing to my family and I in the 15 years that we have owned it. We look forward to many more years.
I would like to thank Fred Hausmann, Ron Eades and the entire Executive Board for all of their hard work, time, effort and many years of faithful service to the Little Pack Division. They have not had an easy job and they gave up a lot of time for something that they love. It goes without saying that the ARHA is better because of their service and we will be always grateful. The new year, 2016, will be their last year. The time has come for them to run their dogs and just relax without all of the pressure they have had.
With all of this being said, I would like to welcome Mr. Glenn Crane as the Chairman of the Board effective January 1, 2017. I want to thank Glenn for taking this position. The Chairman of Little Pack is a hard and time consuming job so let's all get behind Glenn with our support and help. Glenn will have a year to focus on getting an Executive Board in place to help share the load.
I would also like to thank Brint Sparks and the Executive Board for the hard work and the growth they are doing in the Progressive Pack. The formation of the Progressive Pack Beagler Association (PPBA) and the prize packages are just one of the innovative ideals within the Progressive Pack. I am sure that there are lots more to come. Brint has agreed to at least 2 more years as Chairman of Progressive Pack so let's help him and the Board make Progressive Pack grow.
The ARHA/NKC as a whole is once again having great numbers at the club and big hunt levels. Thanks to all of the ARHA members who make this possible and welcome to all the new clubs that are coming on board with us.

Del Morgan
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