As many of you know Tri Tonics/Garmin has been a supporter of the NKC/ARHA for over 15 years. Our contact has always been Warner Smith.

Warner has ALS (Lou Garrett's disease) and his only hope is if a cure/treatment is found. He is 42 years old and he has a little girl who is about 6 years of age. You can see Warner's story if you google Warner Smith and watch the video titled "Warner Smith ALS".

With all of this being said, Del is allowing any club, any division, that wishes to hold a benefit hunt above the normal 8 hunts allowed to do so. This is for this year only. All points will count (Champion, Grand Champion, Hound of the Year, etc). All fees are waived and the money raised is to be sent to the office. At the end of the year a check will be written and presented to Warner and his family for their needs.

If you have any questions or wish to scheduled a hunt please contact the office @ 865-932-9680.

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