NKC / ARHA Progressive Pack Executive Board

Executive Board Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Thursday, March 9, 2017
Erie Canal Beagle Club, Lynnville, Indiana

Del Morgan / Joyce Harrell NKC/ARHA
Brint Sparks Chairman of the Board
Mike Myers Watch Dog Committee Chairman
Glendon Bobo Watch Dog Committee Member
Eddie Mitchell Watch Dog Committee Member
Bobby Wilkerson Watch Dog Committee Alternate
Rich King Watch Dog Committee Alternate
Daron Myers State Reps Chairman
Donny Joe Sparks Rules Committee Chairman
Mike Marshall Rules Committee Member
Armond Lombardi Rules Committee Member
Keith Buse Member At Large
John Oosse Member At Large
Christi Jernigan Secretary

Members present: Del Morgan, Joyce Harrell, Brint Sparks, Mike Myers, Eddie Mitchell, Rick King, Donny Joe Sparks, Mike Marshall, Keith Buse, John Oosse, and Christi Jernigan. Members absent: Glendon Bobo, Bobby Wilkerson, Daron Myers, and Armond Lombardi.

Meeting was called to order at 5:45 by Brint Sparks, Chairman.
Brint asked if there was a report from Mike Myers, Chairman of the Watchdog Committee. Mike did not have any new information to report.

Brint asked if there was a report from Donny Joe Sparks, Chairman of the Rules Committee. Donny Joe stated that, since the passing of James Davis, there was a need to fill a slot on the Rules Committee and nominated Heath Maddox for the position, stating that Heath had agreed to serve if asked. Motion was made by Donny Joe and seconded by Joyce, vote passed unanimously.

Donny Joe asked if it were possible to post information about rules clarifications. Del Morgan and Joyce said that this could be posted on the NKC ARHA website under the Executive Board Notes section and that a tab would be set up for Rules Clarifications.

There was a general discussion about rules clarifications that had been done previously, and it was decided that the various clarifications should be compiled and prepared for the website by the Rules Committee.

Joyce noted that all of the rule clarifications should be kept up with for the next set printing of the rules.
Joyce commented that since the usage of the Facebook pages has increased, few people are using the ARHA Q&A board. Joyce is not on Facebook and when she needs to communicate information to the beaglers, it is posted on the board, so the beaglers need to check it periodically. Christi Jernigan, Secretary, offered to post any notices needed to the Progressive Pack / Performance Pack Facebook page to increase circulation of information.

Joyce stated that she continues to have problems with hunt reports coming in with incomplete information, specifically the full names of the hounds. Even though the registration number is included, the full name of the hound needs to be completed on the entry form and on the hunt report (this relates to how information is pulled up in the computer system where placements are recorded). Joyce stated that she would put a reminder on the website and Christi stated that she would add a reminder on Facebook.

Joyce also noted that she frequently receives registration forms that are not completely filled out, and asked that the beaglers be more thorough in completing the forms and that the clubs check the forms for completeness. Christi said she would add a reminder on the Facebook page.

In regards to club charters, Joyce stated that, even if club officers do not change, it is still required that each club submit its charter paperwork on time and with each officer listed. Officers receive Hall of Fame points for their service and not completing the paperwork can cause beaglers not to receive points earned toward Hall of Fame.

Joyce stated that when a club is changing hands, the originating club needs to be very careful not to close the bank account until all checks have cleared if the bank account will be changing.

Christi Jernigan asked the board if there was any information they would like to receive on a more regular basis, or any additional communications that would be helpful to the board members. Nothing specific came to mind at the moment. Christi stated that email was the most efficient form of communication among the board, and the members agreed that this was the best means when information needed to be disseminated. Christi stated that she had requested agenda items from all board members in advance so that an agenda could be distributed to the members, and noted the importance of members knowing ahead of time what they were being asked to vote on.

John Oosse asked if the minutes of the Executive Board meetings could be posted for the benefit of all of beaglers, and it was generally agreed that Christi would send the minutes to Joyce for posting on the Executive Board section of the ARHA Progressive Pack website. Christi would also post a note on Facebook with the highpoints and direct beagles to the website for complete minutes.

Joyce stated that there needed to be a reminder to clubs about scheduling hunts in a timely manner, and that it is easier to cancel a hunt or change the date of a hunt than to add a hunt at the last minute. Christi will put a reminder to clubs about this on Facebook.

Requests for Big 6 and state hunts need to be submitted to Joyce no later than September 1, at which point Christi will send the list to the Executive Board members for a vote, and those votes need to be submitted to Christi by the 15th. This motion was made by Donny Joe and seconded by Joyce. Vote passed unanimously.

It was noted that at the 2016 meeting, there was discussion of moving the Morgan Classic back to the Erie Canal Beagle Club, though it was not made official at that time, as Keith Buse needed the approval of the ECBC board members before committing. As a follow up, it was agreed that the Morgan Classic would be henceforth held at the ECBC in the third week of October of each year until / unless determined otherwise.

The following new certification judges were proposed: Bryan Hollen for Oklahoma; Cyle Cabler for Alabama, Jeremy Abernathy for Alabama, Mike Bridges for Mississippi, Daren Myers for Ohio, Gene Stinson for Tennessee, and Frank Knickerbocker and Keith Knickerbocker for Michigan. Vote passed unanimously.

Brint suggested that a new field judge test be developed by the Rules Committee; motion was made by Donny Joe Sparks and seconded by Mike Myers that the Rules Committee work together to develop the test by the first of September, and Christi Jernigan would send the proposed test to the members of the Executive Board for approval; once approved, Joyce would mail the new test out to the clubs. Vote passed unanimously.

Eddie Mitchell stated that there is difficulty for some clubs in holding certifications, and asked for consideration that certifications be allowed to occur outside of the currently stated timelines. John Oosse expressed concern that a certification must be open to all, Joyce expressed a concern that a certification must be tied to a hunt date, and Brint expressed a concern that at some clubs, there may only be one certification judge which makes certifications very difficult. It was generally agreed that a certification day could be announced at a hunt, to be held during the week, then forms for successful certifications would be sent in with the hunt report at a subsequent hunt, even a hunt held by a different club. Motion made by Eddie, seconded by Joyce, motion carried by unanimous vote.

John Oosse asked about the process by which inactive state reps could be replaced; Brint stated that such requests should go to the Chairman of the state reps, Daron Myers, and that Daron send the recommendation to Christi to send to the board members for approval. At Joyce’s request, Brint agreed that he and Daron would review the current list of state reps.

John Oosse stated that there needed to be more clarity and better communication regarding the structure of Regional Hound of the Year points. There was discussion among the members regarding how different structures help or hurt depending on the geography of the beaglers, and that the layout of the regions makes a perfect structure very difficult to achieve. It was voted on last year to make the 2017 structure such that a hound earns regional points based on the region his owner lives in at the time the points were earned, regardless of which region the points were earned in. In the event the owner moves to a different region during the calendar year or the hound is sold to someone in another region the points stay where they are and do not transfer to the other region. It was agreed that numbers would be reviewed after one year to determine which format seems to work the best for the beaglers and clubs.

John Oosse requested discussion of the PPBA. He stated that the concept is very good, but expressed concern that it was too aggressive at the beginning and took on more than the funds could handle. Because of a lack of a sustainable funding stream, much of the funds to maintain it thus far has come out of the chairman’s pocket, which is not a realistic structure. John Oosse made a motion, seconded by Mike Myers, that $5 be added to the entry fees for big 6 hunts hosted by clubs that are PPBA members, to provide more sustainable funding for the PPBA. Mike Marshall voted no, expressing support for the PPBA but concern about the process of increasing entry fees and allocating those funds to a third party entity without discussion with and approval of the clubs. Christi Jernigan abstained, all other board members voted Aye, motion carried.

John Oosse brought up discussion about more photos being included in the Rabbit Hunter. Joyce stated that the Rabbit Hunter would very much like to receive more pictures from the clubs, as well as articles, but these things have to be submitted by the clubs and the beaglers. Christi Jernigan agreed to put a reminder on Facebook.

Del Morgan recommended that an additional member be added to the board to serve as a Public Relations representative. It was agreed that Anna Sparks would be added to the board in this capacity.

Eddie Mitchell stated that the Hall of Fame section of the website needs to be kept current; Joyce assured the board that this would occur.

John Oosse asked whether Kentucky should be included in the East region rather than the north. After discussion, motion was made by John Oosse and seconded by Mike Myers; motion passed unanimously.

There was also discussion about a new club being added in Illinois, and a motion was made by John Oosse and seconded by Donny Joe Sparks, that Illinois be added to the north region. Motion carried unanimously.

Donny Joe Sparks and Mike Myers requested discussion of the off-game rule. There was much general discussion that hounds not exposed to particular types of game not found in their region might not be reasonably expected to avoid running that type of game, and that perhaps a second “lesser” section of off-game should be established whereby certain types of game would result in a disqualification at that hunt but not count toward the 3 off games in a year. Christi stated that item had not been placed on the agenda, and was too important an issue to vote on without notice. Mike Marshall stated that this question had been posed to the club presidents in the course of obtaining votes for some rule changes and that it was overwhelmingly voted down. Having been previously put to a vote of the club presidents, it was agreed that the rule should stand as is.

Del Morgan brought up the issue of Unsportsmanlike Conduct and it’s reflection on the organization. Certain behaviors in the course of an NKC sponsored event are not acceptable and could result in a one year ban. These include drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs, excessive cursing, abuse of a hound, etc. The conduct of the participants is a reflection on the organization and beaglers are asked to conduct themselves with respect to these expectations.

Brint made a motion, seconded by John Oosse, that the board vote on compensation for the secretary, and it was unanimously voted that the compensation be set at $1,000 for the annual duties of the secretary.

Donny Joe Sparks asked about the Scholarship Award that is sometimes granted to a family member of a beagler, and suggested that this opportunity be more widely advertised. It was agreed that this should be placed in the Rabbit Hunter and on the Q&A board, and that Christi would additionally include it on Facebook, with an August 31st deadline for submissions.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Myers, and seconded by Joyce; motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.
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