Rebel you are the man, I guess we need to take lesson from you. Dogs starting a 2 months old, learning how to breed like you. I mean dan you got it all. Great breed program rabbit within walking distance, dogs kicking but in field trial at 4 months old. What do you not have. I will say this. I seen some of the best breeder in the ARHA. None of the come on here and talk about their program, Terry Sudduth, Tony Dickerson, Phil and Jim Bryum, Matt Glosmiki, Wilkerson, and so on and so on. Are you trying to get on here and bost about you dogs because it sure sound like it. I don't know you and I sure you have good intention but man you sure talk about your dogs and breeding alot. I never seen you at a field trial or can't remember you. I will never get on here and tell you how good my dogs are. I'm not saying you don't have good dogs but quit bragging.
Big Lakes
"Dora the Explorer"