Shawn..have you not heard of FST-Track Lil Jessie??she was produced here at my kennel and prior to her accomplishments,Now an FC in PP pack with only a few points being an FC in LP and bench..even at 4 months old this girl was pounding rabbits in the wild and on the ARHA circuit and if she had been campaigned hard would have made FC prior to a year old,she is a 2008 derby by AKC standards and will not be two years old till 7/02/08 and her litter mates are doing just as well.
I do talk about my hounds and my breeding program and my facilities and mighty proud of my accomplishments in all and it has taken me many years,many dollars and lot of disappointments and failures to get things to where i have them today and at 65,near 66 years old,and been in hounds all my life and i still am not where i would like to be and i still feel there is better than what i have in my kennels,guess i am the type never to be satisfied and always doing my best to improve.
Daniel Hill said it well..You ain't bragging if you can prove it..I think FAST_TRAC's Lil Jessie and her litter mates have proven what i have in my kennel and my breeding program and there are others..
Daniel Hill advertised what he was looking for and i responded to that add and told him i had what he was searching for,below will prove if i was right or wrong and if i was bragging or stating facts?? Have a great day.

For those that wish you can view FST_TRAC's Lil Jessie's pedigree on this site

This page is a Tribute to my favorite hound and the one i think has showed she is the real deal in my kennel.Her name is FST TRAC'S LIL JESSIE. Jessie has had a hard road to run to make it to a champion. At four months she was trialed at a progressive pack hunt and placed 8th at a pp hunt and i was proud of her so i posted it on the beagle boards, well then a lot of people started bad mouthing her and me saying she was no good or i was buddy judged or i must not have anything in my kennel if a pup can beat them. Well at 5months she placed 10th in Alabama in little pack. Then the people kept on so she went on to get a win in mcminnville Tn little pack hunt at 7months and then a 8th at north Carolina little pack hunt against 50 hounds then she went on to get a 2nd in South Carolina at a little pack hunt all by the time she was 9 months old. Then she took a 2nd at a pp hunt and a 4th the following weekend at another pp hunt then she took a win on 1-26-08 to give her the points and the win she needed to be a pp rabbit champion at 18 months old. What a dog she is. She has proved to me she can take the pressure and do good. She is been trialed 9 times and placed in 8 of the 9 not too bad for a gyp. She has ran in all of these states so far, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, and even in Canada. A lot of people have seen this Lil bluetick run and was impressed by the way she ran, a lot of people told me after seeing her run she was a lot more than i expected to see for sure.And so i am giving her, her own page on my site for she has earned it in my eyes anyway here are some pics i would like to share with everyone of her and me and our travels all over as she competed to prove to the world she was a great hound and not just all talk she done all my talking for me and i have a mantle full of trophies to prove it LOL hope yall enjoy the pics

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