10-4 Rebel well I call it bragging. You call it what you want, I will say this I promise if that dog is all you say it is in little pack. I am a PP judge and if she get judge by the book she WILL NOT say on the ground. LP does to much swinging and Reaching most will not say in the Check area. Yes you can take a dog and run it in both format, but My though is if it excell in one it will not in the other that why we have different formats. Just because she placed in Akc doesn't make her any better. I have a Male that is 1 1/2 old that I breed myself that lack just a few points being a champ, he will not see another trial for a while because he is not good enought to be what I call a Champ. I not Knocking your dogs but you act like she is god gift to beagle. We all get that special dog sometime or another good for you that you breed and got what you were look for. I just noticed that all of a sudden you go from LP board to PP board and you start bragging I don't belive in bragging. Their are some big names in PP that never get on here and say the thing you said. I wish you could bring her to the US and we all could she how good she is. Other peolpe will brag if the dogs are good all you have to do then is seat back and smile. That how I think the great dog get their reconition.
Big Lakes
"Dora the Explorer"