Whoa! Hey Guys, I didn't start this post to make it a contest on whose Johnson is bigger. I wish I would have waited till I actually bought the dog before I posted. When I saw the dog {she is 5 months old} I knew that she was waaaaaaaaaay to young to trial. But I still bought her, { probably paid to much and that is no disrespect to the breeder} but I have a HUGE soft spot for lemon/whites. She seems to be a good dog and the wife and daughter fell in love with her at first sight. I talked to the breeder and told him I want to handle one of his dogs at the next trial and he said ok. Your right I am chomping at the bit to trial. I'm not here to set the world on fire. I just like being around beaglers. You people in PP are some of the nicest people that I have met and it just makes me want to get going that much more.

As for commenting on other peoples dogs and kennels and not believing them, thats fine. But I feel you shouldn't air it out on the board. Thats what PM's are for. Thats what I thought was great about the trial I went to. There was a little bit of ego, which is to be expected. But it was mostly kept in check. So I am sorry that the newbie stirred up the pot.

I have a few leads on some started dogs but nothing I feel solid about. So if any of you have a started,solid, dog you are looking to sell let me know. Especially if she is lemon/white!

Paul Thurmond (Longbow)