Ok let me put this a little more plainly. Most of the time LP dogs will minus out in PP. For the record my judging and Dennis Judging is TOTALY different. I will let them get a little ruffer than Dennis will. NO I don't like the fact LP dogs are running in PP pack if that was the case let just do away with both format and make it one. I may of brought you back a winner and left you on the ground, but I like a fast dog and one that run the front. I take nothing away from little pack but by god from what I've seen they are ruff, they swing, they skirt, they slip the line. That what I've seen and you will never change my mind about it. I chase dogs for hours. I'm not new at this. I don't have great dogs but I dan sure have judge them. I know what pp is all about. I like pp if not I would run LP. I'm far from perfect. If I let a LP/PP dog win that day hat off great job he did it right, but for the most part LP belong in LP and PP belongs in PP and that HOW I FEEL. Don't really care if you like it or not. I'm NOT going to change. I judge how I feel is right by the book and nothing going to change that.
Big Lakes
"Dora the Explorer"