SORRY LONGBOW..Just got to get this one out of my craw.
Rick care to name those boards,i am suposely ban from or have been ban from?and how does someone being ban have to do with this topic and subject matter?Rick Taylor trying to cast a shadow against another beagler is more your topic but i have not noticed a section dedicated to that on this board.May i suggest you stick to the topic and not continue your normal self by attempting to build your self up by tearing another down,get a life.
I came on here giving my opinion if a dog 4 months old could compete in a trial and i just happened to have produced one that was competing at that age and prior to a year old was in the top 100 hounds in ARHA and her litter mates are just as good as she,only making an attempt to show breeding is a very important part of the sport of beagling and if in anyway i can help or assist another i stand ready to do so.
Here at Cherokee Beagle Club we hope to set the pattern for other clubs by judging the best hound on the ground for that particular day and it does not matter what format it has been in before or after.In 2008 we have only requested to hold LP trials but i may prior to end of 2008 to also include a few PP trials and in 2009 we will sponsor both,like many other ARHA clubs already do.I am doing all i can to promote a true rabbit hound that can do it in the field,in trials and on the bench and by chatering a club to promote such,and in my opinion,ARHA is the association/organization that does that better than any other concerning beagles.So bring your LP,PP,BP etc and be confidant the best hound will be the winner when the dust settles here at Cherokee Beagle Club..

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