So are we here to see who all has been ban from various boards??Y'all have a problem with me,than send me a PM or call me 256-422-5224.This board is not the place,this board is here for all to gain knowledge about hounds and ARHA events..I have not said a thing about anyones hounds and than Rick felt it his duty to do his best at discriminating against me,which he has a track record of doing so towards other as well..Like i stated previously,those that have hounds(Rabbit Hounds) and knowledge to share generally do so in an effort to help others and those that don't,do their best to tear down and destroy those that do..Rick Taylor stick to the subject at hand and you just might save some face on the few boards you are allowed on,just cause your best hounds were beaten at your club by Lil Jessie is no reason to drag others away from the purpose of this thread,and don't play the good guy bad guy thing,it don't work for you anymore.
Anyone that feels they have hounds worthy of the challenge can meet me and my hounds in Snead this coming Saturday or any other ARHA trial.I am not saying i have the best but i support the best organization that sponsors the best format to select the best..
I apologize to all for others taking this thread out of its context and purpose,but there is always a few that can't stand someone hounds beating theirs(especially if it came from my kennel) and Lil Jessie,Blaze and Nemo,all litter mates,has proven in the field and in competition they can run and win with the best..

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