Dennis, I wasn't bad mouthing you, I was simply stating that I know you don't like to see dogs running in both formats. The reason I mentioned your name was because of the recent thread where you and shawn were messin with clay and the others. You were talkin about guys runnin rough LP dogs, were you not. I was simply stating that some dogs CAN run both and do it right. I just said to you at Gosnell that I don't agree with bringing the ROUGH Lp dogs, but not all are rough. I have told Chad that more than once about a couple of his dogs. And Mike, you obviously don't know much about LP other than what you have heard. Not ALL LP champs are rough. If you have a fast cleaner running dog, they will clean up the rougher dogs to win. Some aren't even fast and do it. Lynn Perkins' Buzzsaw dog is a 6 out of 10 at the most and tears it up in the Grand Champion class because he never misses a beat and is a jump machine. But I didn't come on here to fight, just stating my opinion just like everyone else.