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Shawn..have you not heard of FST-Track Lil Jessie??she was produced here at my kennel and prior to her accomplishments,Now an FC in PP pack with only a few points being an FC in LP and bench..even at 4 months old this girl was pounding rabbits in the wild and on the ARHA circuit and if she had been campaigned hard would have made FC prior to a year old,she is a 2008 derby by AKC standards and will not be two years old till 7/02/08 and her litter mates are doing just as well.

ohh boii Rebel forgive me for chimeing in but once again i just can't help but waste my time replying to yet another one of you're silly posts. It's really a shame that people who buy a dog from have to deal with you, and you're antics of takeing credit for what is "their" dog no longer you're dog. The way i see any dog that leaves you're place is better off considering you've run dogs into heat strokes on average 2 pups survive out of you're litters and you're highly self acclaimed facilities are just a compromise for you're lack of personal care you give to you're dogs. Do they even get fed real dog food on a regular basis ? You are CONSTANTLY takeing the spotlight for Jessie's sucess when you have had nothing to do with this pup since 6 weeks of age. Aside from Jessie what other dogs out of you're entire kennel have accomplished anything ???? How many of her littermates have shared even close to the same sucess as Jessie ? NONE. Who on earth would ever buy a dog from you with you takeing all the credit for the dogs that you no longer own. It would be in you're best interest to give those dogs to Daniel to let him raise them the way they need to be raised to be successful in field trials. Because you obviously are not capable of doing so ? With all you're time and experience in beagles what have you accomplished ? I only know of 1 single dog that has championed out that has had anything to do with you and that would be Jessie. You have pretty much bragged on this dog soo much now it will be hard for her to accomplish anything with the self proclaimed status you have put her in. Everyone will know the dog now and chances are people will gun for her. I personaly don't know how Daniel can keep his piece of mind out these speeches you type out. You have thrown his name out and given him unwanted attention. Makeing him look bad with yourself. I would hate to be in his position. I'm not speaking for anyone but myself on this post but you've definitley given him a repuation of being involved with you which propably does not reflect well on him. Daniel is a stand up guy and a very good guy to have you're side but you've definitely taken advantage of that. He has some dogs in his kennel that are every bit as tough as jessie or have the potential of being even better in my opinion. That have nothing to do with you're "breeding program" if there any such programing behind it. In you're 30+ years of beagleing you have produced 1 arha progressive pack champion with 15 points from lp champion and a bench champion. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait someone else raised and trained that dog for you. congratulations Daniel instead. Yes my dogs where present at the pp trial jessie championed out at and yes she beat 2 of my 7 dogs. Proveing to me she is a nice dog. So don't try to take it there bud I was just happy my lap dogs stayed down the whole hour in a progressive pack trial. Seeing how that was there first one. Heck i even placed a dog in some magic way of luck. Maybe in another 30 years you can have 2 dogs make champion from you're club. I can think of guys who have spent alot less time in beagles that have a much more impressive track record of champion dogs, and many people win BIG hunts every year. In fact somebody wins every big hunt every year. boy i hate to see what happens if Daniel won a big hunt with Jessie Jeez you'd prbly be chargeing them to breed to Daniels dog or even trying to take a double fee for a pup once they buy it from Daniel you'd prbly want them to buy it off you as well. boy i hope not but the way you talk that is just my impression. Have a good day Rebel. A.r.h.a should thank you i guess b/c it is you're posting that made me decide to join this board and make a post so they gained one more board user thanks to you man you better the world every day in someway don't you ?
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