February 15, 2008

To all ARHA Field Trialers:

Apparently there is some confusion and rumors regarding the new Hound of the Year program. Hopefully this will clarify the issues that you all are having.

• Purina has not changed anything or taken away anything from the Hound of the Year. The Hound of the Year is managed solely at the discretion of the owner of the NKC/ARHA. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hound of the Year call the NKC/ARHA office at 865-932-9680 and not Purina .
• Regarding the 75/25 point calculation: The dog with the highest point total in each class will be the Hound of the Year for that class. We reserve the right (25%) to step in if there is a tie, cheating or any underhanded activities that need to be resolved. If everything is equal and fair the 25% will not be used.
• We have not changed the way the champion points are figured in the field trials for a dog to become champion or grand champion. We only changed the Hound of the Year points in order to give a more equal chance to everyone.
• The NKC/ARHA is not being sold, given away or traded. We are not suing or taking legal action against anyone. Regardless of what other boards may say we are here to stay. Do not believe anything regarding the NKC/ARHA on any other board with confirming it with the NKC/ARHA office.
• You do not have to judge, be a club officer or anything else except let your dog run and let it do it’s best to win the Hound of the Year.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 865-932-9680 or send me an e-mail at arharegistry@bellsouth.net .

Del Morgan

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