Maybe a trophy for first place in each class, then certificates?

We found a guy that makes wooden plaques for us for about $50. They are simple but nice. Maybe we do things different, but being strapped for cash, here is what we do.
Entry - usually 20 @ $15.00 = $300
NKC Fees - $70.00
Meeting Hall Fee - $25.00
Judging paid entry fee for 1 dog (most do not take it) - $45.00
Plaques - $50.00 (again not always, most don't take them and only have to buy 2 or 3)
State Hunt Permit - $25.00

On a small hunt, this will leave us $80.00 profit for the hunt. We have 5 hunts a year, and usually average closer to 25 dogs per hunt and usually no judge fees. Most judges understand times are tough and will donate that back to help the club, I know I always do, no matter what club. But at 20 dogs per hunt we clear about $400 a year on the hunts. Subtract the $250 sent to ARHA at year's end, and we can bank at least $150. We also do a kitchen where we sell breakfast and lunch and usually clear close to $50 a hunt there. Our club also has a raffle that we do once a year for a gun or other hunting item. We sell $1,000 in tickets for a $350 gun. That's $250 for the kitchen for the year and about $600 for the raffle (not done in association with a hunt, more a community thing. That gives us over $1,000 a year to pay land leases and fund dinners for club members and give club awards for dog and handler of the year, and still put a little back. I know this may not work everywhere, but it does good for us.
Best of luck!
Mike Woods Co-Owner of Mtn Way Kennel
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