What's wrong with rosettes like the AKC gives out? Kids like them too.
We only give out a trophy to the winner of each class. 13" & 15" males and 13" & 15" females.
If trophys are too much money why not look at medals? The kids could actually pin them on their coats and tell people about it all day long.
Believe me what you get for placing does make a difference where kids are concerned. We had a derby trial where a guy brought his kid and their dog won it. At the time we were only giving out collars for derby trials. This guy pitched a b*&%# and we listened. He told us his son didnt wear collars, but a ribbon he could have shown his buddies would have been nice. We got ribbons purchased for the next 2 derby trials!
There are plenty of ways to make money as was mentioned earlier. If you are relying on your hunts to keep your head above water you are not working hard enough. Our club has 50/50 drawings, dog food raffles, turkey shoots, and gun raffles. We occasionally sell timber, and recently we have had a metal scrapper come in and clear out 70 - 100 years worth of junk piles. He is splitting it with us. 60% for him. 40% for us.

In the end of things $30.00 to have someone print off a few pieces of paper is way more cost ineffective than spending more dollars for ribbons and trophies to keep people coming back to your trials.