There has been some confusion regarding new clubs and the Hound of the Year Race. This only affects Progressive Pack. Below is the post that was made by Joey Hood, Chairman of the Progressive Pack.

Effective NOW, After disscuing with Mr.Morgan any NEW CLUB that is started during the calendar year WILL NOT be allowed to award Hound Of The Year Points until the following January. Every thing else is exactly the same, points toward Champion and Grand Champion, Bench Champion and Grand Bench Champion will be awarded along with Hall of Fame Points. Example: If someone decides to start a new club in the middle of January that will be fine just NO POINTS toward Hound Of The Year will be awarded until the following January. A charter with a list of officers must be sent to the NKC office by the end of December. Remember if you are going to hold hunts in January they have to be listed in the December issue of the Rabbit Hunter.

This will put all of us on the same playing field!!
If you have any questions please give me a call at 662-871-2929.
Thanks to all!!!!
Joey Hood ( Donivan Creek Kennels )

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