I think that they are two total different style of dogs . A good dog for progressive pack is line control ,gear up and gear down when need be on speed, work close in the check,no sirtin,no pullin,no swingin,no slashin,no super hard going type of dog. Little pack wants hard hittin faster the better type of dog. They let a dog get away with less line control,swingin,sirtin,pullin,gettin out of the check ,slashin. I like good clean smooth runnin with fewer the better breakdowns. They little pack dogs that i have been around over run the track way to much and that makes for a lot of breakdowns . I don't see how the two styles can go together. That is why they two different formats and trials. If they went together good there would be no need for two seperate trial formats,one would work well. Just my way of thinkin.