I don't know how it could be a state problem in Okl. because I just seen some hunt results at the Ringold club in Okl. and 4 of the top 5 opens are Lp bred (BRANKO).

Most every Lp guy Ive seen trying to run PP uses the same excuse as you have.

Lp they are looking for a dog who can get it done no matter how they do it. (Acomplishment over style).

In PP we want a dog who can get it done, but we also want some STYLE.

I don't go to Gun Dog Pack or Gun Dog Brace and wonder why I got picked up or blame it on them knowing I run PP. I know why they would pick me up my dogs don't fit that format so I stay at home. Try what ever format you want ,but if you get picked up don't play the blame game.

Make no mistake when I put a dog down in PP he will be on the edge, But you can also take it to the bank I will have run his a@@ off and I know them inside out!!

Here's a little hint SOLO,SOLO,SOLO,SOLO ;\)

If you can't do that save your money.

Buddy, Im not trying to be rude I 've just heard the same thing for years.

The reason alot more people don't run PP is because they just can't handle getting picked up, Youve got to have thick skin , I know its made me mad SEVERAL times!!!

But at the end of the day I belive this format promotes the best rabbit dog of any format Ive been to.
Shannon Howard