so what ur saying is if they r branko bred then they should b put in LP trial right? well iv seen some branko dogs that r alot slower and cleaner than others and thats the same with most of ur bloodlines. there r always goin to b a debate rather or not LP can run with PP until the judges get together and go by the rules than it will always b the same. but ur right its not a state thing its a judge thing. some judges just judge harder than others. i am a judge and u can ask anyone from oklahoma i will pick ur dog up if he dont follow the rules and i dont care who u r or how ur dog is doin on the national level either. iv been trying to get other judges in oklahoma to do the same. judge the dog by his performance that hour not by his past trials or by their owners. i had one say well if we dont hav a lil looser dog then we will never win big hunt because people else where run a dog that i call little progressive not LP or PP a combo of both. but like i said it will always b a big debate.