Mr. Howard, I'm wasn't using any excuses. i have a couple of hounds that run clean and aren't any particular breading just grade hounds that are rabbit dogs.Watching dogs at the south regional, style? I guess i'm not sure what style was on the menu for the day. I felt that us little packers had brought our progressive pack style hounds, if you will, to a little pack hunt. at the end of the day I felt the judges had brought back a true pp hound and the win was well deserved. that was one of the most impressive things i've seen at a pp hunt. the after math of complaining that a little packer and little pack dog had won wasn't quiet as impressive. if a man goes to a pp hunt or any other format and gets picked up because of it, i believe the judge should lose his license and the club there charter if they don't do something about it. we are all looking for the same style of hound us little packers just choose to do from the fast end first.

wright city you are totally right on.

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