Well guys I have been reading all these posts I agree with some and not the others. I am a pp judge and run the NLBC (north LA beagle club) and invite anyone from any format or anyone with a beagle under 15in that would like to register there hound in the NKC BUT UNDERSTAND THIS IS A PP CLUB AND WILL BE JUDGED AS A PP HUNT. I beleave PP has the best format not saying every dog nor persons are but the rules are the best to me thats why I RUN PP. IF you don't feel that way find another format but please don't run ours down. I was at a GD trial not long ago and yes do plan on going back but caught myself saying I like pp rules better while I was there and stopped myself because I was at GD not PP. If everyone what ever format would be honest treat people right judge hounds not what format they came from or bloodlines they are Man wouldn't Beagling be fun. Thanks Toby