I've decided to put a Stud Ad on here for my buddy Rebel Yeller (Cob)

Color: Red/Wht
D.O.B.: 06/06/08
Sire: PP HOF Comp, PP HOF REP, PP GrRCh, PP GrBCh White Rock Charger
Dam: PP RCh, PP BCh Bigheart Brandy

Cob is flat out a rabbit dog deluxe! I'm not claiming to be a veteran beagler or anything but I'm yet to see a dog that you can take out by himself and shoot rabbits with all day long like you can with him. He just doesn't get tired! As soon as you put him on the ground he disappears into the thick stuff. Usually within minutes he's on a rabbit. In the field he's 100% all business whether it's 90 degrees or 9! He's also caught over two dozen rabbits in the last 2-2 1/2 yrs I've owned him including a few at trials. He's a front-running hound with the gears to handle it. His unique rebel yell can be picked out of a pack very easily! The first time my dad went huntin with him and heard him strike a rabbit, he though a bear trap caught his twins LOL! He's also a very well mannered and friendly hound and has always handled superb for me, even the first day I took him into the field which was at 1 1/2 yrs of age.
As of today he has 20- 1st place wins in Progressive Pack including the OK State Hunt. Has gotten 2nd at 5 or 6 other State hunts as well. Took BOS on the Grand Bench at the North Regional last year and BOS CH Class at the U.S. in 2010. He's also taken BOS at a few State Hunts last year. Last year I campaigned him pretty hard and he ended up 3rd in the 2011 HOY Run-Off Grand Class. This year we're laying low in the trials. Maybe next year!!

Any ?'s please call my cell at 313-319-2363
Stud fee is $150 with current negative brucellosis test
Can e-mail or discuss pedigree in more detail at your request


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