To whom it may concern,
I have been looking at the hound of the year. And would love to run for it. But it seems to me that the person wanting to spend the most money will win. As I watch all the clubs popping up thru out the South east. It seems to me it is in an effort to keep from traveling so much for hound of the year. As a result, there is a hunt every weekend somewhere close . You would think that would be good for the sport. But frankly no one is coming except points pushers because if they donít make it this week there will be another one next week. Frankly with this economy the way it is I would like to propose a new system that would allow more dogs participate in the hound of the yr. and maybe bring more dogs to the hunts.

Have the dogs in one state compete for the top 2 stops. And have a regional run off and the top 2 dogs go on to the U.S. to compete against other regions. For example

Only Ga dogs can score at Ga hunts for Hound of the yr. If an out of state dog runs in a hunt only Hall of fame points and reproducer ECT. apply but the hound receives no points for hound of the yr. at the end of the yr. the top 10 dogs in each state have a runoff and the top 2 dogs from the state run off compete in a regional run off with the surrounding states. The top 2 dogs from that run off can compete at the U.S. for hound of the yr.

I have spoke to many people across the country and everyone like this idea.
keep them running