The more localized you make the HOY the more localized the dogs will become and this will not help the dogs or us as a format at all.

It's bad enough as it is now.

Changing the HOY and keeping people from traveling and it will only get worse.

Go to the US or EMC and see the differnet styles of dogs you will judge or run against in 2 different rounds is mind blowing.

You see some dogs in the hunt results winning all the local hunts then you get to judge them or run against them at the US or EMC and you wonder how they ever won a hunt at all or ever stayed on the ground or who would feed such a sorry dog let alone pack it around to a hunt, but it takes all kinds.

What we need in this format is to not worry how to make the HOY easier for Joe Blow but to have some sort of judging seminars for all our judges to attend and get on the same page that way our format (which I belive is the best out there) can grow and then attendance will begin to increase.

We need to get more judges ,but we can't just give somebody a judges lic. just because they can pass a paper test. Just so we can hurry up and get a hunt finished.

We need as a format to improve our judges and then our dogs will also improve and attendance will also increase if people know there going to get a fair shake by a knowlegable judge.
Not some idiot that just bought some dogs and passed a paper test.Or is just judging to help his buddy's dog win a cast and get some more HOY points or help him make a champion out of some pot licker that way he can sell some pups.

So what Im sayin is we have more to worry about than making the HOY easier.
Shannon Howard