What Im sayin is we all need to know what a check,jump,stike and minuses are not what we think they are.

You will never keep the crooks away but we need to all be scoring or minusing the same thing.

I think we should only add new judges once a year at the US and they should be voted on after taking a test & seminar and helping assist at there home club for the year prior to the US.

Some people will say if you do it like this we will not have any judges at our club.

Well if you don't then close down ,because your not helping out our dogs or fomat by letting somebody who is a idiot judge so if your club closes were not losing much any way.

The harder a judges lic. is to obtain the better the judges you will have

One year I went to the US I got a judge who just started judging.I personally don't agree with this the US or EMC is our super bowl so only the best should be judging that way the best dog by the rules has a better chance of winning.

I never judged at the big hunt for the first 4 years I started judging , because I belived the handlers and the dogs deserved someone who had been judging longer than I have or better than me.

People wait all year and some spend alot of money to get there so they should be judged by the best in my opinion.

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Shannon Howard