Well I disagree on only being able to get your license at the US because I have never been there myself, but have no problem giving a class of some kind to teach and make sure everyone understands what the rules are and what we exspect from a judge. I have the only PP club in LA so right now I AM BUILDING A CLUB and I am very careful who I ask to judge or who I push to get thier license I am trying to build the best club and the most honest club that I can. On the hound sense thing I beleave you must first be a rabbit hunter to understand what a hound is doing and why he is doing it. I am a rabbit hunter first and trial for fun we should all strive to breed and raise rabbit dogs then look to see what format they should fit don't try to put dogs in a format they do not fit and get mad at others when you don't win. As far as the US goes I THINK WE SHOULD HAND PICK THE JUDGES THAT ARE QUALIFIED OR VOTE DON'T LET A ROOKIE ON HIS FIRST YEAR GET THROWED IN THERE. I do plan to be there this year myself hope to see all you there.