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So if you can't aford to go to the US you can't judge?Bull_ _ _ _

Never said you have to go to the US to be able to judge. If I did I miss spoke or wrote what ever you want to call it.

I was just thinking the US or EMC was a place with the most attendance so more people could be there and participate in a judging seminar and new judges could be voted on by a panel of people from each state if your state rep. or alternate rep. is not at the voting then your state wouldn't be able to add any new judges that year.

With each state voting in there own rep. and alternate rep. in case the main rep. was unable to attend.

Every state rep. would have to be voted in every year by the clubs in there home state. Not be appointed by only certain people. Must be voted in that way if they started to think winning was better than being fair then they could be voted out it would help to keep some shady stuff down.

We could try a central location in each region once a year if people wern't able to attend the US or EMC.

The whole point is to better us all and our dogs as far as this format goes.

If were all judging the same way there will not be such a difference in the style of dogs run in the different states as there is now.

I hope this is alright with Mr Porkchop if not we can change it all to fit him and his dogs.
Shannon Howard