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You don't have to change anything for my dog's thay can hold there own.you mite want to cange the style of yours to keep up with the times .I mite of miss read your post.i would be willing to try anything to make it better.

That's what we've all been talking about what are the times???

It all depends on what state you live in some states slow dogs some states upper med. speed, some states fast with control then you have some states that have just plain old fast idiots.(LP rejects) \:o \:o

What works in your state Mr Porkchop may not stay on the ground 10 minutes in mine so that's what were sayin about all getting on the same page as far as judging goes.

Im not sayin everybody has to run the same breeding of dog.
Just that everybody scores pluses and minuses as close to the same as possiable.

Mr Porkchop,my dogs like eveyone's if they will admit it could stand to be better. I haven't seen a perfect one yet,but then I haven't seen yours run yet. ;\)
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