I would like there to be some kind of Judges Feedback form. Especially at the US, or EMC. On this form would be a way for someone that might be in the gallery to fill in things they liked or thought the judge might be able to improve.

I know this would probably turn into a gripe session sometimes, but if judges received some feedback on how they judge instead of people gathering in the corner and complaining about it, some judges might get better.

Even better.......... if you had everyone in the cast rate their judge on a scale of one to ten, you could give an award away to the highest scoring judge at the trial. Here are you guys some categories.

Hustle (did the judge keep up): 1-10

How smooth the cast went(hound sense): 1-10

Rules implementation: 1-10

Comments section:
Get out there and judge. It's easy! HA!