Josh, I think this rating system your talking about would just turn into a popularity contest or a bash fest either one wouldn't help us better the format in my opinion I could be wrong though.

You know as well as I do some people know it all or are never wrong always right and no matter what people wrote down or suggested they change or improve they would never do it they would just say: "They don't know what there talkin about I've always done it this way and im not gonna change"

This is the way with anything you have some people that just won't change and belive they have no room for improvement,But if we can get the majority to change or want to improve we can be the way I belive we are the best format out there.

So our PPRCH & PPGRCH will be enveyed & respected in the beagling community the way they should be.

I would like to have some system also were when someone got there judges lic. they would be graded by all the other lic. judges that way if people kept getting bad reports from different lic. judges then there lic. would or could be suspended or revoked.This would also keep some shady stuff down.

The only way you could grade a judge is if you were a judge also.
Shannon Howard