I want to clarify that the Original HOY Points and HOY Regional point structure from previous years are in tact, with only one change.

The Change to the format is as follows:
ALL Big 6 Hunts points will count in the region of the ADDRESS of the hound's listed owner at the time of the hunt. This is the only change to the format of either of the HOY categories (national & regional). If a hound is sold during the year, those points will not move to the new owner's region (points are only awarded to the owner listed at the time of hunt).

This change is simply to recognize ALL Big 6 Hunts as the "neutral" standing that they have been for years. This keeps all big 6 hunts in the same category as they were intended to be. It is our hope that this change will spike continued growth in our sport and passion.

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Brint Sparks
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