Just want to say what a great day we had at bankhead beagle club if you missed it you missed an awesome hunt and a chance to fellowship with some of the finest beaglers you will ever cut a dog loose with thanks to the folks that have supported our club with the online Raffles we gave away rite at $1000 worth of prizes plus a $600 shotgun and $935 of gift cards back to beaglers today a special thanks to Purina for sponsoring the hunt and providing dog food to be given away, show and go for donations they made, Jackie McDonald for all the help getting this hunt put together your awesome pops, Mike Bridges for allowing us to use his place, Wayne Dawson for feeding us it was great to all the judges Bobby Childers, Lance Taylor, Cyle Cabler, Jeremy-Rachel Abernathy, Heath Baggett, Scott King Donnie Joe Sparks, and I even judged one round and there's no need talking about it lol Jackie McDonald​ and Angela Weissend Baggett for judging the bench show thanks guys and gal for judging these hounds to the best of your abilities and for what they done that hour not who they are or belong to some of the most honest judges you will find y'all are what makes it possible for us to do this you see to us it's not all about winning we all want to win but most important we want to have a great time and try our best to bring the best dog that hour back winning I promise there was 54 dogs there today capable of winning any hunt any given day thanks again for giving them a fair chance at it and thanks to everyone that came to let Eddie Mitchell know we notice what he has done and continues to do for our sport I guarantee you that when me and Tony Dawson handed him that plaque and picture I knew all the work put into it was worth it congratulations to the all the dogs that won and placed today they earned it a lot of great hounds sitting on the outside looking in if I left anybody or anything out it was not intentional