Heres some names if it will help you out any.

RCH Talkabout Code Blue 5 points
RCH Jr's Flyin Alley 5 points
Grays Talkabout Jasper 15 points World Hunt Winner
RCH Louis Blue Man 5 Points
RCH Swings Jet by Turbo 5 points
RCH Yeadon Branch Turbo Allie 5 points
RCH Turbo Powered by Turbo 5points
RCH TripleM's Turbo Lady 5 points
Rch TK's Rock Hill Rambler 5 points

Heres a few I thot of
GR/RCH/Ch PR&G's Turbo Blue Lucy Lou 10 Points
Triple M's Joker 5 Points
Powell's Show ME Sue 5 Points
Powells Turbo Showboat 5 Points
Powell's Top Gun 5 Points
Hillbilly Mack 5 Points.
Shallow Pond yogi 5 points
Guys I am 15 points away can someone help me name a few more or let me know if some of these dogs are show champs or grands now