Rod Place was one of the first two people to be included into the Progressive Pack Hall of Fame. He was selected for this honor because of the contributions he made to the Progressive Pack Division. 

Rod was Chairman of the first Rules Committee and worked closely with George Blaine, Leon Buford and Everett Morgan to develop the first set of rules for this division. The first set of rules was developed in 1992. 

He served as the first Secretary / Treasurer of the division from 1992 through 1996. During this same period of time he was also Chairman of the Certification Committee and President or Secretary / Treasurer of the Central Michigan Beagle Club. In addition, Rod was an active field judge for two years and a bench judge. During 1992 and 1993, Rod worked with George Blaine to write the first Certification Rules. 

Rod was the ARHA Progressive Pack State Representative for six years and a member of the Executive Board for five years. He also helped start a Little pack Club that later became a Progressive Pack club.